About Clara Fortuna

Melissa and Emmanuel grappled with a stark reality in the heart of a global pandemic. Their journey of seeking quality education abroad for their neurodiverse children revealed the profoundly flawed and unaccommodating existing system. Struck by their struggle and the hardships endured by so many in similar circumstances, they envisioned a new enterprise — Clara Fortuna.

Derived from Latin roots, Clara Fortuna signifies “Bright Chances,” encapsulating our core aspiration to brighten the prospects for children with neurodiversity and their families. Our mission is to transform the challenges these individuals face into opportunities and to shed a brilliant light on the potential within each of them.

Clara Fortuna is poised to be a bastion of hope and a catalyst for change. Our upcoming operations span real estate investment, content creation, and support services, aiming to generate a robust ecosystem of resources that will directly contribute to enhancing autism education and awareness.

Through our real estate division, we will invest in inclusive and innovative spaces, cultivating diverse communities that value and accommodate all its members. In content creation, we aim to produce and share valuable educational content that supports families, educators, and professionals engaged in neurodiversity.

Our resolve to positively impact the neurodiverse community isn’t a corporate afterthought but a driving force behind Clara Fortuna. A portion of our revenues is committed to fueling autism education, research, and initiatives that promote greater understanding and inclusion for those on the spectrum.

As we launch Clara Fortuna officially, we invite you to share in our vision and join us on this exciting journey towards a world that accepts and celebrates neurodiversity. Though our venture has not yet begun, our hopes are sky-high, and we are wholeheartedly committed to making a tangible difference, one investment at a time.
Welcome to Clara Fortuna. Our journey to brighten the chances for neurodiverse individuals is about to begin, and we couldn’t be more eager to embark on this transformative venture.